Bing Fischer is a mechanical engineer and he brings that experience to the talk show “American By Design” of being logical and precise while interjecting humor along the way.
Bing is a Traditional American, not affiliated with any party, though he is constitutionally conservative to the hilt and does not tolerate liberal leftist fools much. Trolls less than that.
An avid conservative, musician, hunter, gun owner, capitalist, and worked in net radio for about 4 years on Blog Talk Radio he has interviewed authors to xenophobes and always tries to bring you the truth behind the lies that the lamestream media will report to you, while telling you what they DON’T tell you. What they DON’T tell you is worse!

Bing worked as IT/Social media director in TN for Herman Cain. He built Rick Santorum’s website here in TN and has been involved in numerous political campaigns throughout the state.

Bing’s slogan is “I WILL NOT BE RULED”, So tune in for some redneck logic and interesting topics on “American By Design”.

Show dates and times:
Tuesdays 7-9pm cst – Conservative topics for conservatives
Thursdays 7-8pm cst- Prepping and useful tips for survival
Sundays: 2-2:10pm cst for a 10 minute wrap up

Live show page:
Facebook Show Page:
Skype nick: traditionalamerican
Twitter: @TradAmericans

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